Lagom Sovereu Penthouse (c) Yves Garneau
Lagom MountWhitney (c) Yves Garneau
Lagom Sovereu Penthouse Verbier (c) Yves Garneau


Luxury chalet provider Lagom, which so far has a presence in Zermatt and Verbier, rewards guests if they behave sustainably – this is so far unique in ski tourism in Europe. For example, guests pay less for their luxury vacation if they choose to consume less and behave sustainably during their stay. After selecting the date of their desired stay and the chalet, travelers can choose, for example, how often towels and bed linen are changed, how often housekeeping should come to clean, and whether personal care products are desired. Depending on the selection, the price changes: the fewer towel changes one wants, the more the price is reduced and also the CO2 emissions that the services cause, the amount of which can also be seen on the booking page.