Fassade des Hotels in Luxembourg (c) Le Place d’Armes
Boeuf Wagyu im Sternerestaurant La Crsitallerie (c) Le Place d’Armes
Bar Le 18 (c) Yann Deret

Le Place d’Armes

At Hotel Le Place d’Armes, guests will find a Luxembourgish home away from home in a unique location – on the 18th Place d’Armes. Ideally located in the ancient city centre, the hotel with 28 luxurious rooms and suites is a member of the Relais & Châteaux hotel and restaurant association since 2012. Le Place d’Armes is an unconventional ensemble of buildings – seven connected and carefully restored houses – that combine the charm of the past with modern structures to create an excellent hotel. Like a magical castle, the staircases, and curved corridors wind through the hotel, allowing you to discover it piece by piece. Le Place d’Armes also boasts three restaurants, three worlds of pleasure, three culinary offerings – all under the culinary guidance of Chef Fabrice Salvador. Constantly on the lookout for new flavours, he brings out the best in his cuisine and surprises guests with creative finesse.