Gorgonia Beach Resort by night (c) Francesco Tomasinelli
Camels on Safari (c) Manfred Bortoli
Underwater safari in the Wadi el Gemal National Park (c) Manfred Bortoli

Wadi el Gemal

Wadi el Gemal, Egypt’s third largest national park, about 50 kilometres south of Marsa Alam, is home to unique natural landscapes far from mass tourism: lonely islands lie in front of uninhabited stretches of coastline, where pristine reefs and mangrove forests alternate. Not far from the sea begins the seemingly endless desert landscape of the national park, which is also home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. Protecting and preserving these and also the culture of the local Bedouin tribe of the Ababda is a major concern of the national park, which is being realised with many different committed projects. The Eco-Resort Gorgonia Beach is located on the edge of the park in the coastal region. With its sustainable philosophy, the 5-star resort sensitizes guests to respectful treatment of the nature that surrounds them.